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XBG Exchanges


Kingfish GUI Wallet

Download Kingfish, the easy to use GUI wallet for XBG.

Command Line Wallet (Advanced)

Download the XBG node and build from source

How it works

XBG is a private blockchain and currency platform designed for anonymity, speed, and scalability.

Based on MimbleWimble

MimbleWimble technology means a scalable, small blockchain with completely private ownership of coins. Your coins and your transactions are your business alone.

Bitcoin deflation schedule

With mining rewards halving every 4 years, XBG adapts the Bitcoin model of deflation with the goal of a sustainable store of value.

Trading on Vinex.network

Can't wait to get your hands on XBG? It's actively trading now on these exchanges...

Longevity of development

The XBG development team is granted a modest 4% of the total supply of Bitgrin over the course of 4 years, incentivizing continued development and research

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